Howdy folks!

How about a quick intro?

I’m Techie Thomas (Thomas Smith). I’m a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, a father to 3 amazing boys, an employee, an entrepreneur, a klutz, and screwball friend.

I don’t always succeed at each of those things I identify as, but I do my best and work through the failures to get back up as quickly as possible when I fall flat.

Every Squirrel is my latest entrepreneurial adventure to establish a retail face for the opportunities that present themselves. I’m always on the look out for a way to provide a valuable service for a great price and I’ve stumbled on some local liquidation auctions that are allowing me to provide some really cool products at great prices to the local community. I have family members that have been able to take advantage of the walkers & wheelchairs I’ve been selling and I’ve heard a lot of amazing stories from some of the folks who have come by to pick up items for themselves & loved ones.

I keep hearing over & over again “why are your prices so cheap!?!?”. I love being able to answer with “because I got a great deal on them and I get to pass that savings on!” And it’s not just a sales pitch or a way to twist peoples’ arms to make them think their getting a deal. It’s the truth! I love that!

I hope you are able to find something you need here. I’m excited to see where this adventure leads and I’d love to take you along with me for the ride!

Stay tuned!

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